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You heard me. Please drop a comment in this journal if you want me to friend. I really want to know who is reading this stuff since sometimes I might post personal stuff. But the only way for us to be "friends" is if we met in real life. I don't like it when random strangers try to add me or when strangers want me to add them. It's truly creepy. Or maybe we haven't met in real life. Did you see me on a site like DA ? Then read the following paragraph.

Even if we haven't met in real life... I might add you. I'm a casual person so if you ask to be friended I might say yes. But can you please include why you would want to friend a boring/senseless/otaku/videogamenerd/psychotic person like me? Like: We're both otaku. We're both video game nerds. We both melt over (insert fandom's name here). Or we both love Bou-sama!!!!!! Making friends with similar interests is always fun. 
Also understand that even though you friend me...I may not friend back.

Thank-you for respecting and understanding this! ^_^

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